E. VAN WIJK LOGISTICS UKRAINE is an international logistics service provider with a clear vision: an agreement = an agreement. This clearness can be noted in all aspects of its services: from planning to physical transport, from warehousing to value-added logistics.

E. VAN WIJK LOGISTICS UKRAINE is a dynamic sum of:
- 35 employees;
- 10 transport units (trucks DAF XF Euro 6);
- 2500 square meters of warehouse capacity (8 loading docks).

E. VAN WIJK LOGISTICS UKRAINE offers the following services:
- expedition 3 Pl (Third Party logistics);
- transportation within Ukraine and abroad;
- warehouse logistics;
- customs clearance;
- ADR transportation.

     Investing in people and resources
     Good logistics services are a matter of professional interaction between people and resources. This is why E. VAN WIJK LOGISTICS UKRAINE attaches great importance to a clear personnel and investment policy. Towards employees, we are a social and involved employer, exactly what one expects from a family business.

     This commitment shows in daily practice, in our relations with clients, whose logistics are taken care of by motivated professionals. People, who thanks to an active investment program, work with state-of-the-art equipment and advanced ICT systems. Both in the office and on the road!

     Looking for a logistics partner on a European level? Call E. VAN WIJK LOGISTICS UKRAINE, +38 (032)227 16 17  or e-mail us at  transport@evanwijk.net