E. VAN WIJK LOGISTICS UKRAINE provides transportation services via air, ocean, truck and rail. Our qualified logistics managers create for you an optimal scheme and route of transportation.

Road transportation 

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Road transportation - one of the main direction of our company. "E. VAN WIJK LOGISTICS UKRAINE" LLC - an international transport company, founded in 2004 .          Read more

International transportation

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E. VAN WIJK LOGISTICS UKRAINE organize international shipping to all European countries from pallet cargo to oversized cargo and special cargo. Our company in Lviv (Ukraine) is one of the subsidiaries of the company "E van Wijk Logistics" in the Netherlands. Read more

Internal transportation 

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E. VAN WIJK LOGISTICS UKRAINE provides cargo transportation services throughout Ukraine. Thanks to a successful placement, we can use the best routes of transportation.  Read more 

Container Shipping


Container shipping is a modern and the most economical kind of cargo transportation used in international transport and giving opportunity to deliver a cargo to any place of the world in the shortest terms.  Read more

Railway transportation


One of the key activities of E. VAN WIJK LOGISTICS UKRAINE is the carriago of a wide range of goods by rail. Railway transportation contunies to be actively used, as is still considered to be one of the most economical and reliable forms of cargo transportation.  Read more

Air transportation


Air transportation are justly considered to be the most parid type of delivery of cargoes. Comfort of delivery by air is beyond controversy: high speed of delivery; predictable time of air freight; the quality of providing of services; minimum risks of blowing off thr terms of delivery. Read more