Air transportation


avia     Air transportations are justly considered to be the most rapid type of delivery of cargoes. Comfort of delivery by air is beyond controversy: high speed of delivery; predictable time of air freight; the quality of providing of services; minimum risks of blowing off the terms of delivery.
     The international air traffics of loads can be successfully involved for transporting of time-freights in the remotest districts, where it is impossible or it is difficult to reach other types of transport.
     Our company occupies one of leading places at the market of freight air traffics of Ukraine, giving high-quality service, operationability of ordering fulfillment and custom registration in the earliest possible dates.
     We are always ready to consider all the individual requirements of each client and provide special conditions for our regular customers.
     Through our partners in the whole world we will find the optimum decision of practically any transport task:

  • we will organize delivery of cargoes at international a/p "Borispol" and Odessa;
  • will produce the fence of load "from a door" directly from a client in the country of sender;
  • will deliver a load "to the door" of recipient;
  • will prepare all necessary export-import documents;
  • will conduct custom registration and will carry out treatment of cargoes in air-port;
  • will control all process of delivery of load from a sender to the recipient;
  • will make any type of packing;
  • will organize transportation of loads between countries outside Ukraine;
  • will carry out delivery of cargoes, sizes or weight of which is exceeded by standard.