Container shipping


 Container shipping is a modern and the most economical kind of cargo transportation used in international transport and giving opportunity to deliver a cargo to any place of the world in the shortest terms.
     Our main activity is container shipping passing through the ports of Odessa and Illichivsk. We deliver goods in containers by sea and provide a range of port services, which are necessary to deliver the goods to the warehouse of the consignee. Container transportation is carried out from all ports in the world which are equipped for transshipment of containers.
     Our main activities:
- sea transportation from China, Asia, USA, Europe to Ukraine;
- loading-unloading operation and maintenance in ports;
- transhipment of goods from containers in ports to trucks;
- registration of goods at customs and resolving related issues;
- delivery of goods by road transport from the port to the warehouse of client.
     In the role of the forwarder we will take care of choosing the best route, a reliable carrier required container and all necessary services for ports (loading, unloading, reloading, preparing shipping documents).
     You will get complete information about the location and movement of cargo during its delivery by sea.
     Today in the field of sea shipping there are no problems that we won’t be able to solve. Experience and practical skills of our specialists guarantee that the delivery of the cargo by sea will be carried out on the highest level. Our work seeks to save the client from unnecessary problems and to reach maximum results at minimum cost.
     With each client we work individually, together finding the best solutions in logistics scheme of sea shipping and in the cost of transportation.
Trust the cargo transportation to the professionals and it will save your money, energy and time!

     If you have any questions concerning the organization of shipping, you can get more information by sending an e-mail: and contact us by phone: +38 (067) 313 24 90, +38 (032) 227 16 17