International transportation

міжнародні перев

    E.VAN.WIJK LOGISTICS UKRAINE organizes international shipping to all European countries from pallet cargo to oversized cargo and special cargo.

     Our company in Lviv (Ukraine) is one of the subsidiaries of the company "E van Wijk Logistics" in the Netherlands. Except Ukraine, "E van Wijk Logistics" is represented in Romania (since 1992) and Moldova.
Subsidiaries of the "E van Wijk Logistics" apply the same standards of quality as the parent company in the Netherlands. Qualified logistics will create an optimal transportation scheme for you and logistics bases of the company in the Netherlands, Moldova and Romania will facilitate the reaching of the goals.

     Possibility of storing goods in Western Europe (Netherlands – Giessen, Romania – Klyuch-na-Poka, Bucharest, Poland - Peremyshl, Ukraine - Lviv, Kyiv) helps to optimize the transportation expenditures.

     Similar to storage systems, vehicles of E.VAN.WIJK LOGISTICS UKRAINE are designed for both food and non-food products. The current vehicle fleet meets the requirements for the transportation of various groups of goods - from food to manufactured goods and dangerous ADR goods.

     Do you want to know more about our international transport? Write us at or or call us at:                          +38 (032) 227 16 17 / +38 (050) 43 04 352