Railway transportation


 One of the key activities of E van Wijk & MOJA Logistik is the carriage of a wide range of goods by rail.
     Railway transportation continues to be actively used, as is still considered to be one of the most economical and reliable forms of cargo transportation.
E van Wijk & MOJA Logistik provides the following services for railway transportation:

  • hazardous cargo transportation;
  • planning of route and technical transportation schemes with the pupose to reduce the number of goods transfers and time and material costs;
  • individual loading schemes, transportation and fastening methods planning for out-of-gauge cargo transportation;
  • cargo handling equipment and machinery supply;
    transportation of general cargoes;
  • control of cargo in transit and reporting to the client;
  • from door to door cargo delivery;
  • warehousing;
  • forwarding services;
  • customs clearance assistance;
  • cargo insurance services;
  • consulting on details of railway transportation, cargo clearance and rates.

     If necessary, we are also able to provide certain temperature regime in the containers, emergency transportation, and cargo protection.
    Container shipments are one of the most reliable forms of transportation. We also offer the use of containers for railway transportation. E van Wijk & MOJA Logistik carries railway transportations with the possibility of using containers of different sizes. In addition, for the small goods transporting we offer medium containers for the transport of large volumes of cargo we offer 40 HC, 40’, 20’ containers.
     If there is no need to use container cargo transportation is performed by means of open wagons, carriages or on general-purpose platforms.